Vertex Lawn Company provides quality lawn care and snowplowing services in the Flathead Valley



the highest point; the top or apex.

Our Services

Full Service Lawn Maintenance

We use professional Walker Mowers to keep your grass healthy and beautiful.


Keep your bushes and hedges looking neat and clean.

Spring & Fall Cleanup

Winter is harsh and leaves your lawn in disrepair. Get your yard ready for summer with our spring cleanup. We’ll also prep your lawn in the fall so it can weather the winter months.

Debris Removal

Did that last storm blow tree limbs all over your yard? Having a pinecone problem? Do you have a pile of debris that has been sitting in a corner for years? We’ll take care of it.


While some thatch can be healthy for your lawn, too much is unsightly and can cause problems. Bring life back to your grass with our dethatching service.

Commercial Snow Plowing

Keep your business’ sidewalks and parking lots clear of snow during the winter with our commercial snow plowing services.

Snow Removal

Snow piles starting to take over your parking lot after a long winter? Our team will load and haul away snow.

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